Welcome to arn’s documentation!

A Python library for parsing AWS ARNs.


To install, just run

pip install arn

or add the library to your setup.py / requirements.txt.

Basic Usage

To parse an ARN string, use the class that corresponds to the type of ARN. The properties of the ARN are available as members on the result:

from arn.elbv2 import TargetGroupArn

target_group_arn_str = "arn:aws:elasticloadbalancing:us-east-1:123456789012:targetgroup/foo-bar/abc123"
target_group_arn = TargetGroupArn(target_group_arn_str)

# use the ARN instance's __str__ to format the ARN back into a string
assert str(target_group_arn) == target_group_arn_str

# common attributes
assert target_group_arn.partition == "aws"
assert target_group_arn.service == "elasticloadbalancing"
assert target_group_arn.region == "us-east-1"
assert target_group_arn.account == "123456789012"

# attributes specific to the type of AWS resource
assert target_group_arn.name == "foo-bar"
assert target_group_arn.id == "abc123"

The full list of supported ARNs is available here:

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